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The Best 2020 Marijuana Seed Banks

In today’s article we are going to tell you about the best cannabis seedbanks of 2020. In this post you will find our favourite seed banks and a number of reasons why we think they stand out from the other ones. If you’re thinking of buying some seeds, but don’t know which bank is best for you, read on to find out all about it.

The Best Cannabis Seed Banks of 2020

The best cannabis seed banks 2020 that you will find in this article belong to our selection, which we make based on criteria such as genetic quality, germination guarantees, strain stability, properties, resistance… A compendium of characteristics that determine the best quality ones, thanks to the information provided to us first-hand by the manufacturers. All these banks and many others can be found for sale in our online shop.

Barney’s Farm

We begin our list of the best 2020 cannabis seed banks with Barney’s Farm, one of the favourites for its genetic work. Thanks to it we have been able to see some of the best Dutch strains being born, such as Gorilla Zkittles, Purple Punch or Wedding Cake.

The strains from this seed bank are characterized by genetics that have been extensively tested for resilience, excellent yields, a magazine look and brutal properties. Barney’s Farm is definitely one of our favourites on the Dutch seed circuit.

barneys farm seedbank
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One of the aspects that best describes this seed bank is their ability to always be at the forefront of breeding new strains. Every year they surprise us with new strains with characteristics you could never have imagined they could implement.

This is a seed bank that has always done an excellent job of supporting cannabis activism, spreading the benefits of Cannabis and stirring up political debate in favour of the legalization.

In their seed catalogue you will find a huge variety of seeds: Californian, high THC, high yielding autos, Amsterdam classics, cannabis cup winners, high CBD marijuana, energy marijuana… The list is endless and forms one of the widest range of marijuana seeds on the market.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is another of the best cannabis seed banks of 2020, one of the oldest and most traditional on the market. They began their career in Amsterdam in 1987, when the boom in genetic experimentation with Cannabis was in its golden age.

This seed bank has always strived to offer the home cannabis grower the most stable Cannabis strains for recreational and medicinal use. In this way, Dutch Passion has achieved a catalogue of legendary marijuana strains such as its White Widow, California Orange and Blueberry. All of them are productive strains, with very potent effects and exquisite flavours.

Dutch Passion seeds
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What can we expect from Dutch Passion’s catalogue today? Well, Dutch Passion, one of the best cannabis seed banks of 2020, informs that they will keep their best classic strains while reforming their catalogue to continue offering strains for specific use and of the highest quality.

Examples of these classic strains that are here to stay are Mazar, Kerosene Krash and Ultra Skunk. These strains come from an exhaustive work of combination and genetic selection of the best marijuana specimens from their exclusive cellar.

Dutch Passion is a seed bank with more than 30 years in the sector, which guarantees an excellent state of conservation of its seeds, which have all the guarantees of germination. In their catalogue you can find Cannabis Sativa, Indica, feminized and automatic seeds.

Fast Buds

We return to California to continue our list of the best cannabis seed banks 2020. In this case we present you Fast Buds, one of the favourites of those who are looking for autoflowering seeds of the highest quality.

This seed bank specializes in the latter: in obtaining marijuana strains of high stability, potent and with a very short flowering time, specifically autoflowering strains that come from the combination of its best Californian specimens with ruderalis strains.

fast buds best seedbank-2020
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Examples of their most sought-after automatic Cannabis strains are their Tangie Matic, a potent and productive autoflowering in equal parts, and their Zkittlez Auto, with a full 8-week life cycle and yields of up to 600 grams per square meter indoors.

But the catalogue of Fast Buds, undoubtedly one of the best cannabis seed banks in 2020, is not limited to autoflowering strains. Thus, it also has a spectacular catalogue of top-quality photodependent Cannabis seeds such as its Stardawg, its Six Shooter or its Purple Lemonade.

In short, the Fast Buds catalogue convinces with its American strains, potent and with exquisite aroma. This seed bank is also known for offering seeds that produce marijuana with a lot of resin, so they are usually optimal strains to carry out home extractions.

Humboldt Seeds

We reach the halfway point of the list of the best cannabis seed banks 2020 with Humboldt Seeds, a classic in the Californian cannabis scene. To talk about this seed bank is to talk about Humboldt County, one of the world’s cannabis meccas, from where much of the recreational and medicinal marijuana consumed in the United States is harvested.

The origins of this seed bank date back to the 1960s, when the first crops in Humboldt County began to be established. The repressive context of this time forced Cannabis growers to flee the more populated areas, where they were persecuted, to more isolated areas and the Humboldt Mountains offered this to growers.

humboldt seeds best seed bank
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From the efforts of this community, spectacular Cannabis strains emerged over the course of time that won over the international public. Examples of the best Humboldt Seeds strains are their Amherst Sour Diesel, one of the most potent strains in the world, or their Blue Dream, a Californian classic with spectacular colouring.

The philosophy of this seed bank has always been to maintain and pass on the values on which the alternative community of growers that was established in Humboldt County back in the 1960s relied. This allows it to maintain unequalled standards of genetic quality, giving rise to the highest quality specimens. That is why it is one of the best cannabis seed banks 2020.

In Humboldt Seeds’ catalogue you will find feminised, autoflowering, CBD, short flowering seeds… In short, it is the seed bank you should choose if you are looking for marijuana seeds with an American genetic tradition.

Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds is one of the best cannabis seed banks 2020 in Spain. It is one of the best-known seed banks in this country and has gradually earned a place on the international scene thanks to its annual novelties and the large number of cannabis cups it has won over the years.

The origins of this seed bank date back to 2005, when they gave the definitive launch to the cannabis seed circuit which, until then, had been led exclusively by Dutch seed banks. In this first period, there are such stupendous seeds as their Black Jack or their Sweet Afghani Delicious.

sweet seeds seed bank

During its 15 years of history, this seed bank has continued to develop high quality genetics of feminised seeds, with 99.9% femininity. In addition, the genetics developed by Sweet Sweets claim to have a germination rate that exceeds 95%, which is synonymous with quality when selecting the most stable specimens and quality in packaging and distribution.

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Furthermore, Sweet Seeds has been able to maintain these quality standards while offering unbeatable value for money. For this reason, it is on the list of the best cannabis seed banks 2020, due to its competitive prices and its quality, present from the moment you open a packet of seeds.

Among the best marijuana seeds that this bank offers this year is its Red Hot Cookies, a red, potent and productive marijuana at a really competitive price. Another of the most demanded seeds by our customers for its production, stability and relaxing effects is its legendary Green Poison, ideal for commercial crops.

00 Seeds

We want to make a special mention first of all to one of the best marijuana seed banks 2020 for its price and guaranteed quality. This is 00 Seeds seed bank, a seed bank with the best strains from all over the world at a very reasonable price.

It is another seed bank based in Spain that has specialized throughout its history in obtaining the best Indica cannabis seeds. These varieties are characterized by being particularly resistant, potent, productive and with powerful effects, so it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular choices among friends of Cannabis all over the world.

== Seeds tiene variedades con precio estupendo.
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00 Seeds aim to offer seeds of the highest quality standards to their customers without skyrocketing prices. They know what the grower is looking for and offer it in the most affordable way and with all the guarantees of packaging and germination. Thus, their catalogue is full of versions of the most popular strains such as Northern Lights and their own strains such as Sweet Soma.

The genetics of this seed bank are very productive and resistant, so they are great for guerrilla crops, although their indoor growth is equally spectacular. These seeds do not cost a lot of money, have great genetic quality and a great capacity to develop cannabinoids.

In their catalogue you will find more than 50 different Cannabis strains, among which you will find autoflowering, feminized, high CBD …. In short, one of the most extensive seed catalogues in existence.

DNA Genetics

Another seed bank to which we owe special mention in the list of the best cannabis seed banks 2020 is DNA Genetics. This is a seed bank based in Amsterdam, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector and with one of the best Cannabis seed catalogues on the scene.

This seedbank has always been known for reinventing itself and offering Cannabis strains of the highest quality. Amsterdam served as the centre of the best hub at the time, as it was the only place where Cannabis cultivation was a legal activity.

Strains like their L.A. Confidential, their Kosher Kush or their OG Kush, quickly made them known on the international scene. During this period, DNA Genetics was able to take their brand to the global market by starting to develop high quality Cannabis seeds in California.

dna genetics best seedbanks
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In this way, this seed bank has been able to position itself in the two most powerful cannabis markets in the world, the European and the American. Always with the same objective, to offer the best varieties of marijuana seeds for recreational and medicinal use.

We close this list of the best cannabis seed banks of 2020 and hope you liked our selection. If you want to keep reading interesting things why don’t you take a look at The Best Marijuana: The Definitive Strains Ranking.

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