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The history of Silent Seeds begins with the end of the history of Dinafem, without the fall of the latter, the former would never have risen from the ashes. And it is in the seed bank Silent Seeds are many of the hands that harvested so many successes in Dinafem. Today you are going to know the history of Silent Seeds, an institution destined to revolutionize the Cannabis scene worldwide. Enter the following link to see this bank in our online store or read on.

silent seeds
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What happened to Dinafem?

Dinafem was a Spanish cannabis seed company founded in 2004. It had become one of the leading suppliers of quality cannabis seeds worldwide. The company specialized in the production of feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds, as well as in the research and development of new cannabis strains. In recent years, Dinafem had expanded its reach, opening branches in countries such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

However, in 2019 they were shut down within the Inxer Toro operation. Operation Inxer Toro is a security operation carried out by the different state security forces, as well as customs, that ended with Dinafem and is still open pending trial.

Why are you telling me this, I want to know about Silent Seeds?

I tell you this because Silent Seeds is formed in part by the same people who worked in Dinafem. Also, because it is a very important piece of Cannabis history in Spain and it will help you understand who they are, how they work and why they are becoming famous so fast.

Silent Seeds

Understanding that these people don’t just come out of nowhere in 2021 and suddenly hit the big time, we can now move on to the main topic of this content, the Silent Seeds seedbank. Not content with what has been achieved in the past, the innovation of our gene bank is a priority, as reflected in our wide variety of feminized seeds offered at Silent Seeds, including the new range of exotic strains.

Silent Seeds is a bank of collectible cannabis seeds of the highest possible quality. They have teamed up with leading cannabis breeders, including Sherbinski. This group of experts are aware that, despite the fact that cannabis has been part of our civilization for thousands of years, it still hides many mysteries. And their current research shows us its potential to revolutionize our daily lives.

Who is Sherbinski?

Sherbinski is Mario Guzman, a California-based cannabis grower who began cultivating in 1996. He is known for his high-end cannabis strains such as Gelato, Sunset Sherbet and Mints. His strains have won numerous awards and have been widely recognized for their quality and taste.

Sherbinski has been closely linked to the cannabis plant since his teenage years. He is a key figure in the rise of marijuana produced in the United States, as he has been at the forefront of the fight for legalization in the State of California. He is responsible for some of the most acclaimed genetics worldwide and many of them you have been able to see in our catalog.

Silent Seeds’ qualities

Silent Seeds has the qualities that every seed manufacturer wishes to have. This is what makes a seed bank to be of great quality:

  • Research and development: Accept the scientific method and be familiar with the appropriate modern tools. As well as using them with mastery.
  • Stability: good genetic work, refined over time and only released to the market when quality standards allow it.
  • Seed variety: offer a wide selection of seeds from different strains.
  • Seed quality: Silent Seeds seeds are of the best quality and with a high level of germination.
  • Information: provide accurate and detailed information about your products to help customers make informed decisions.
  • Packaging: a high quality seed bank offers safe and resistant packaging to protect the seeds during shipment.
  • Guarantee: a seed bank such as Silent Seeds provides a guarantee for its products to ensure the safety of its customers.

Silent Seeds seed lines

Within the Silent Seeds bank you can find several lines of seeds, specifically there are five and we detail them below:

  • Classic feminized: Here you can find the successes of Dinafem remastered. Strains that are already part of the legend as Moby Dick or Critical reappear again to the delight of all fans of the famous bank.
  • Exotic feminized: The new creations, spearhead of the new Silent Seeds bank can all be found here. Seeds of last generation with incredible capacities and properties.
  • Autoflowering: Here there are no differences and all the non-photoperiodic strains of Silent Seeds bank are agglutinated, both classics and novelties.
  • Sherbinskis: The section of the famous American breeder of Hispanic origin who continues to revolutionize the world of cannabis strains. In this category of seeds you will find only those developed by Mario Guzman.
  • Other collaborations: Finally, they leave this space for cameos with other great growers who do not belong to the Silent Seeds team. At the moment this section has only one strain, the B-45 by Booba, created in a joint work with the French rapper Booba.

Iconic strains of Silent Seeds

To finish this content about this new manufacturer of high quality marijuana seeds we leave you their most outstanding strains. To see the rest, please visit our online store, because we are starting to include all of them.

B-45 by Booba

From Silent Seeds and their collaboration with the rapper Duc they have achieved what nobody had done so far, and that is to get a THC generation capacity of up to 32%, and the least we can say is that B-45 By BOOBA will transport you to another world. The collectible cannabis seeds B-45 By BOOBA will allow you to experience an extreme trip aboard the famous American B-45 tornado bomber so loved by Duc.

b45 by booba
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Cookielato is a cannabis strain famous for bringing together the best of Cookies and Gelato, a sidereal organoleptic adventure that takes the senses off to another distant and exotic place. It is also known for its overwhelming presence, large leaves and large, long leaflets, genetic heritage of the legendary Gelato #41 and Do-Si-Dos. To ensure that the slender hybrid plants are well supported during flowering, the use of stakes is recommended. As temperatures cool, Cookielato takes on an impressive range of colors from deep purple to various shades of blue, making it a truly unique and beautiful variety.

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Polar Gelato

California cannabis lovers can now enjoy the exceptional quality and taste of Bacio Gelato, along with the deep and complex floral richness of Sunset Sherbert, with clear notes of bright gourmet dessert Cookie. This Polar Gelato strain represents the new era of cannabis that is presented to us by Sherbinski. The signature of this eminence of the cannabis industry, guarantees a reliable and high quality cultivation option for those who wish to discover the authentic version of Gelato in cannabis seed form. The Gelato and its different variants have become today iconic cannabis genetics all over the world.

polar gelato cannabis plant
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LA Vanilla Cake Auto

The L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto collection offers premium quality organoleptic sensations that resemble those of a gourmet dessert. This strain stands out for its genetic stability, vigor and speed of development. When growing cannabis seeds from this collection, a structural growth similar to that of a miniature Christmas tree is observed, composed of a main stem and secondary branches, suggesting a high level of production. This characteristic is one of the main advantages of its impressive genetic line.

Buy LA Vanilla Cake Auto

So much for today’s content on the Silent Seeds bank, the phoenix rising from the ashes of Dinafem, wisely combined with Sherbinski and other breeder of the highest stature. I hope you enjoyed this story, follow us on our mailing list, as well as on social networks for more stories like this one.

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Silent Seeds | Cannabis Seedbanks
Silent Seeds | Cannabis Seedbanks Get to know the history of Silent Seeds, a seed manufacturer predestined to reach the top and beyond. Get the best seeds!
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