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New 2018 Sweet Seeds strains

Once again Experiencia Natural Grow Shop brings you the freshest seeds, in this article we show you the new Sweet Seeds strains for 2018. As I’m sure you know, Sweet Seeds, established in 2006, is one of the best Spanish seedbanks. We have been working with them from the very beginning, since we opened 5 years before them in 2001 and here we will tell you all their news for 2018. All strains shown here are now available for purchase in our online store.

Sweet seeds novedades 2018

New Sweet Seeds 2018 strains

In the usual way of what seedbanks do in recent years, Sweet Seeds brings out 11 new strains for 2018, which seems to us a little too much, especially because of the fact that they are not going to discontinue any of their less successful varieties, or at least they are not going to do so now, perhaps later in the year, although it is not certain.

Why do we think there are so many strains? For various reasons, the main reason is that Sweet Seeds catalogue is already one of the most extensive. In our store we see many people that do not know what strain to choose, mainly because of the great number of options avaliable. The second reason is they don’t take anything out of the catalogue, they just add more and more strains to their catalogue, going deeper into the same problem of a complicated choice for customers. Finally, it lacks more freshness, as their “innovations” follow what is trendy in the market, which is ok! but we’d like to see something riskier and more surprising.

Having said this as a small criticism, only with the intention of being constructive, Sweet Seeds’ marijuana seed catalogue is a high quality one and these new strains promise to follow its standard one more year.

Their genetics have one of the highest feminization ratios, reaching 99.9% of females in optimal conditions. Similarly, its germination rate is going to the moon, in the right conditions they achieve 95% of success. A commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which is renewed every year.

Another plus point is that they make a very thorough seed selection, trying to make sure that they all look the same outward appearance, even if it is not very important to determine their quality. They also have the same caliber, thus avoiding suspicions towards the smallest seeds of the package.

If you want to know more about the history of this seedbank you can visit the article that we’ve dedicated to them years ago. Now we go one by one with a summary of their new strains for 2018, where the CBD is the winner with respect to THC, at least in number of updates!


Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version

As its name suggests, it is the photoperiodic Fast Version of feminized Crystal Candy strain. It has a great taste of acid strawberry chewing gum, lots of resin, high yield and super fast flowering. You can see the detailed description in our online shop: Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version.


Chem Beyond Diesel® CBD

An American genetics, as it is the trend now, CBD enriched to the max, capable of offering a THC:CBD ratio of 1:2. Complex and full flavor, dense plants and huge amounts of aromatic resin make Chem Beyond Diesel® CBD a great choice for the medicinal user. Detailed description in our online shop: Chem Beyond Diesel CBD.


Gorilla Girl®

The two most powerful strains of recent years in the USA, Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies, come together in this strain to look for 25% THC. Great production of resin with smell and taste between vegetable and citrus. A well-balanced hybrid for those seeking strong emotions. Detailed description in our online shop: Gorilla Girl.


Green Poison CBD®

Medicinal version of the classic Green Poison, this strain has been one of the great successes of Sweet Sweeds, especially in the North of Spain. Now with an 1:2 THC:CBD ratio for a hybrid medicinal strain. It still retains the properties and strength of the original version that made it so famous. Detailed description in our online shop: Green Poison CBD.


Green Poison XL Auto®

And if we have the medicinal version, we also have the giant autoflowering one. The Green Poison family is now complete and can be purchased in any form. In this XL version, the yield goes far beyond than the normal autoflowering, trying to keep the rest of the properties intact. A classic, fast and big one. Detailed description in our online shop: Green Poison XL Auto®.


Honey Peach Auto CBD®

5th generation autoflowering with medicinal CBD up to a ratio of 1:1,5, fast and effective. It develops very compact flowers with a characteristic peach aroma, which is also transferred to the taste. Honey Peach Auto CBD® has an Indica structure and is one of Sweet Seeds’ most original new strains for this year. Detailed description in our online shop: Honey Peach Auto CBD.


Sweet Amnesia Haze®

And it’s also an Amnesia in Sweet Seeds’ catalogue. Coming from two elite clones they create this psychedelic effect and vigorous growth Sativa. Still Sativa but Sweet Amnesia Haze is a compact plant and can be grown in any medium. Citrus flavors and THC up to 22% are the highlights of this strain. Detailed description in our online shop: Sweet Amnesia Haze.


Sweet Pure CBD®

Intended for those consumers who do not want or do not tolerate THC, Sweet Pure CBD® hardly has any, in fact it could almost be sold directly since many of its specimens do not exceed 0.4% THC, so it will be legal to sell the buds worldwide. It’s Sweet Seeds’ answer to creations like Remedy or Dinamed. THC:CBD ratio up to 1:20, specific strain for medicinal use. Detailed description in our online shop: Sweet Pure CBD.


Black Jack CBD®

This is the CBD medicinal version of one of the first Sweet Seeds strains, who has not owned a Black Jack? Equally effective than the original, resistant and balanced. This hybrid delights with its incense flavor and good size. Detailed description in our online shop: Black Jack CBD.


Ice Cool CBD®

Following the trend of completing their entire catalog in all possible versions, is this really necessary? Sweet Seeds brings us Ice Cool CBD®, another version of the classic Sweet Sweeds strains, now with a 1:2  THC:CBD ratio. It also promises the same features as the original with less THC and more CBD. Detailed description in our online shop: Ice Cool CBD.


Cream Caramel CBD®

More of the same for Cream Caramel CBD®, which has the same peculiarities as the original strain, but prioritizing the production of CBD over THC, to give it a more medicinal use. Detailed description in our online shop: Cream Caramel CBD.

You can see all these new strains in the different Sweet Seeds sections in our online shop, accessing the autoflowering, feminized or fast flowering photoperiodicals, which are the Fast Version. We hope you liked it and we look forward to hear know what you think about Sweet Seeds new 2018 strains.

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New 2018 Sweet Seeds strains
New 2018 Sweet Seeds strains Once again Experiencia Natural Grow Shop brings you the freshest seeds, in this article we show you the new Sweet Seeds strains for 2018. As I'm sure you know, Sweet Seeds, established in 2006, is one of the best Spanish seedbanks.
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