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Medical Cannabis

What do the scientific studies say about the cannabis medicinal uses?

Medical marijuana has been known for millennia, we have historical record that the medicinal properties of Cannabis were used by primitive peoples to treat or palliate ailments.

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Later, diverse cultures such as chinese reserved for marijuana a prominent role within its pharmacopoeia, where it remains until today. For many years, due to the senseless prohibition, the use of the plant, both medicinal and otherwise, has been halted, although in recent decades the interest in Cannabis Sativa has been resumed, especially around the issue of its medicinal properties.

In this section you can find articles about the discoveries and scientific advances with therapeutic Cannabis. As well as tips and tricks to take advantage of all the medicinal resources of marijuana. If you have any questions you can leave a comment in the box enabled for this at the end of each article. It is always advisable to have the supervision of a specialist before starting any treatment with Cannabis.

We are not allowed to give advice or recommendations on the medical cannabis uses, please note that this practice is still prohibited in many countries and the only people who are allowed to give advice that affects people’s health are the medical staff. We therefore ask you to refrain from asking for personalized recommendations and to consult a specialist doctor to approve the use of cannabis as a medicine.

The law may also vary from country to country, so we recommend that you seek legal help before trying to obtain or use marijuana. Finally, although it is possible to obtain cannabis on your own, it is always advisable to have the supervision of a specialist before starting any treatment with this plant and never to replace another treatment with cannabis medicine without the doctor’s approval.